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Coffee Big Bun (咖啡大包)

This is a term that refers to a large, coffee-flavored bun, often enjoyed as a snack or breakfast item in some parts of Asia, particularly Hong Kong. These buns are known for their sweet coffee glaze on top, which complements the soft, fluffy bread underneath. Here’s a recipe to make your own Coffee Big Bun …


Cocktail Buns (雞尾包)

雞尾包, or Cocktail Buns, are a popular Cantonese bakery treat known for their sweet, coconut-filled centers and soft, pillowy bread. Traditionally, these buns were made with leftover buns and sugar, symbolizing the idea of turning something simple into something special. Here’s a recipe to make your own Cocktail Buns at home.


Coconut Buns (椰丝餐包)

椰丝餐包, or Coconut Buns, are a popular and delicious bakery item often found in Chinese bakeries. They consist of soft, sweet bread filled with a moist and flavorful coconut filling. Making these buns at home can be a delightful baking project. Here’s how you can create your own Coconut Buns.