Tangyuan with Banana and Sago in Coconut Milk (汤圆南爪西米露)

Tangyuan with Banana and Sago in Coconut Milk (汤圆南爪西米露)

Meet 汤圆南爪西米露, or Tangyuan with Banana and Sago in Coconut Milk! This delightful dessert soup combines the chewy texture of tangyuan (glutinous rice balls) with the creamy richness of coconut milk, the sweetness of bananas, and the translucent allure of sago pearls. Here's how to make it:
Course Dessert
Cuisine Chinese


For Tangyuan:

  • 200 g glutinous rice flour
  • 100-120 ml water
  • Food coloring optional

For the Soup:

  • 1 can 400ml coconut milk
  • 2 cups water
  • 100 g sago pearls
  • 2 ripe bananas sliced
  • 100 g sugar
  • A pinch of salt


Make Tangyuan:

    Prepare Dough:

    • In a bowl, gradually add water to the glutinous rice flour while stirring, until a dough forms. If using food coloring, divide the dough into portions and add a few drops to each.

    Shape Balls:

    • Roll the dough into small balls, about the size of marbles.

    Cook Sago Pearls:

      Boil Water:

      • Bring a pot of water to boil.

      Cook Sago:

      • Add sago pearls and cook until transparent. This usually takes about 10-15 minutes.


      • Drain and rinse the cooked sago pearls under cold water. Set aside.

      Prepare Coconut Soup:

        Combine Ingredients:

        • In a pot, combine coconut milk, water, sugar, and a pinch of salt.


        • Heat the mixture on a medium flame, stirring occasionally.

        Add Bananas:

        • Once the mixture is hot but not boiling, add the sliced bananas. Cook for about 5 minutes, or until soft.

        Assemble and Cook:

          Add Tangyuan:

          • Drop the prepared tangyuan into the simmering coconut soup.


          • Cook until they float to the surface, which usually indicates they are done.

          Add Sago:

          • Finally, add the cooked sago pearls to the pot and give it a good stir.


          • Serve warm, ladling the tangyuan, banana slices, and sago into bowls, and pour over the fragrant coconut milk.

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